Thursday, July 31, 2003

It's Thursday again, the weekend is almost upon us :-) We've been busy looking for places to take our dogs for walkies with Maisy ready to venture out on Friday :-)

We've found a cool site, Walking With Dogs, which has great ideas on where to go walking with dogs, the name says it all

I think we are going to be doing some more serious walking, 5 - 10 miles across open country, rather than once round the park So we need to buy some more toys/gadgets (my favourite hobby), walking shoes, map and a compass, not that we'll be going of the beaten track for a while yet, I can read signposts much better than a compass

Maisy has taken to digging in the flower tubs, chucking the soil all over the back yard and then laying in the tub Lucy was a little down this morning, I think she's missing the great outdoors, only one more day and then it's time to go exploring again :-)

Paul & Debbie

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