Thursday, January 25, 2007

Snow, Hail & Frost

While half the country has been getting snow over the last few days, including the rolling hills of the Pennines not far away from us, we've probably had about 1mm of snow if that! Our first snowfall was on Sunday night, very fine snow flakes floated down from the sky for a couple of hours giving us barely as dusting.

We had a few brief snow showers through Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday but still leaving just a dusting here and there. It's looks like we had some hail as well last night followed by a frost, reaching a low of -2.0c by this morning, our coldest so far this Winter.

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We've been chuckling at the news reporters standing in almost an inch of snow they've managed to find, trying to make it look like the big freeze. When that 2 foot dump of snow finally does arrive, and it will one year, this country is going to come to a standstill, well it will once the nutters who were going too fast stop sliding!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Langsett Reservoir Part 2

We decided to go back to Langsett Reservoir on Sunday only this time we walked the whole around the reservoir. The stepometer made it out to be about 5 kilometers but with the terrain, it felt much further than that! The weather had changed too, rain, sleet, hail and even thunder!

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Debbie stood under one of the trees that were blown over during Thursday's gales and it just shows how big these monsters were that were just ripped out of the ground!

Debbie was just about ready for throwing her Panasonic FZ-7 camera into the reservoir on Saturday so she went back to using her little Nikon Coolpix while I had a go with the Panasonic and we both managed to get some great pictures.















Langsett Reservoir Part 1

I had a great birthday on Friday, Debbie got me a heart monitor and a stepometer for our walking expeditions. We wasted no time in trying them out on Saturday, going for a walk at Langsett Reservoir. We couldn't believe how many trees had been blown down during the gales on Thursday, the roots had just been ripped out of the ground!

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We had a good two hour walk and the weather was lovely, cold but glorious sunshine, perfect for snapping away with the cameras.














Friday, January 19, 2007

Birthday 'Old' Boy

37 Today!

Yes folks, it's that time yet again, only 3 more years until I'm issued with the obligatory pipe and slippers.

The card and present opening is scheduled for tonight, along with a Chinese take away and a few beers with Dad, little Bro and not forgetting my lovely wifey, Debbie, who is taking much pleasure in the fact that she's two years younger than me!


Blowing In The Wind

It's been a little bit on the windy side here for weeks but yesterday it really huffed, puffed and tried to blow our only remaining tree down.

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It's still hanging on though, the bird table seems to be saving it from toppling all the way over. I'll see if I can rescue it over the weekend, it would be nice to keep this one, it doesn't lose it's leaves and it's nice to have near the table for the birds to perch on.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Is Winter Finaly On The Way?

The Weather Outlook forum is getting busy and that can only mean one thing ..... there's a chance of some snow!

It's early days weather forecasting wise but it was mentioned on GMTV this morning so it must be true ... mmmm... well maybe. The charts do seem to be hinting at a colder interlude on Wednesday and then again from late Saturday for a couple of days. I don't think we'll be getting snowed in or anything, more like a dusting of snow here and there but at least it looks like we're in with a chance of seeing our first snow of the winter.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nice Brisk Walk

We woke to a respite in the weather today, with a clear blue sky for the first time in ages we decided to go for a brisk walk. First off it was still quite windy and at only 5 degrees Celsius, quite bracing!

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We headed up the main road and spotted a foot path on our right so we followed that into a wood. After following narrow footpaths to left and to the right but mostly straight on for what seemed like miles, we emerged at another road, the same one only about 20 yards further up!

We stuck to the road for a while and then trudged across a field and into another wood for more exploring. The woods were alive with birds, Blue Tits, Great Tits and one that was running up and down the tree trunks, I should know what that was but I'm well out of practice.



We took Debbie's little camera with us and got some cool shots, more can be found here. As ever, I had my K800i with me and also took a few snaps which you can see here.