Friday, January 12, 2007

Double Glazing

We've taken the plunge, we're having double glazing fitted! Here are a couple of reasons why:

Too many times we have had to use a battering ram to close the back door cos it's sticking.

We actualy got locked out once when the Yale style lock turned into a Knackered style lock while we were out and we had to break in.

If you try dropping a feather down past a winodw like in the Everest advert, you never see the bloody thing again.

The rain is actually starting to come inside now.

You actualy have to get on ladders the clean the outside of the window, well if I did clean them I would.

Lucy can hear the mouse at the top of our garden whispering to the hedgehog and goes bananas.

So, at the end of next month we'll be rain proof, wind proof, sound proof and Lucy going daft proof!



JustSue said...

lol...I was thinking of that chap from Everest Double Glazing with his blooming feather when I was reading this. Remember how he used to say "right Reg, turn on the fan!"...and Reg, standing outside, heard every blinking word? So much for sound proofing! LOL

Razzamatazz said...

How much did your double glazing cost? I'd like to get Geoff Boycott double glazed so we wouldn't have to hear him as much.