Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back To The Opticians

We've been back to Specsavers again today, it's quite involved this contact lens lark. It's not like glasses where you have an eye test, pick your new frames and collect your new glasses in an hour.

Debbie had her check up after wearing her contacts for week, just during the day until Thursday and left them in full time. It seems she's also got an astigmatism and they've ordered some new toric lenses like the ones I've got so we'll be back again to pick those up.

I've picked up an alternative toric lens for my right eye as the first one wouldn't sit right. It seems to be much better so far, I can actually see what I'm typing now lol. I'll need another check up to make sure these ones are working, so that means we've got at least another 3 visits before we're done.

I wouldn't mind but I keep trying to nudge my glasses that I'm not wearing anymore!


1 comment:

JustSue said...

LOL ....pushing up the invisible bridge eh?

I do that all the time because I alternate between glasses and lenses.