Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nice Brisk Walk

We woke to a respite in the weather today, with a clear blue sky for the first time in ages we decided to go for a brisk walk. First off it was still quite windy and at only 5 degrees Celsius, quite bracing!

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We headed up the main road and spotted a foot path on our right so we followed that into a wood. After following narrow footpaths to left and to the right but mostly straight on for what seemed like miles, we emerged at another road, the same one only about 20 yards further up!

We stuck to the road for a while and then trudged across a field and into another wood for more exploring. The woods were alive with birds, Blue Tits, Great Tits and one that was running up and down the tree trunks, I should know what that was but I'm well out of practice.



We took Debbie's little camera with us and got some cool shots, more can be found here. As ever, I had my K800i with me and also took a few snaps which you can see here.


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Tony said...

we managed to get a walk in yesterday to... the weather being better than it had been for days. Ours though was on the flat, following the Thames from Chiswick bridge to Richmond bridge. lots of birds, but mainly green paraquets and herons, though we did see a lovely wren