Thursday, January 11, 2007


It's quite some time since we added anything new to the sidebar here, back in the early days we signed up for anything and everything blog related.

I spotted something the other day that actually offers something new and as it turns out is exactly what I was looking for.

After signing up for MyBlogLog, you put a little piece of script on your blog and then every time you visit another blog who has signed up, it registers your visit and shows you're picture in their sidebar.

The really cool thing about this is that as long as you're signed in to MyLogBlog while you're surfing, it doesn't matter how you get to a blog, it will still register your visit. This is just the ticket for me because I tend to use Google Reader for almost all my surfing these days because there is never enough time to open every blog we're linked to every day.

There's much more to MyBlogLog such as linking up with other people and their blogs to form communities, it's early days yet but so far I'm really glad I found this site.



Tony said...

this looks like fun, shall give it a go

Christa said...

I like it since it is a neat way to read your friends blogs and keep track on them. It's so easy to lose RSS feeds among all the others and I always end up with dead links in my readers for some reason.

If you want lots of new visitors it's a great place :)

JustSue said...

Giving it a try!

publicenergy said...

Well, it's the mechanism through which I found your blog after seeing your little photo appear on mine :)