Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Is Winter Finaly On The Way?

The Weather Outlook forum is getting busy and that can only mean one thing ..... there's a chance of some snow!

It's early days weather forecasting wise but it was mentioned on GMTV this morning so it must be true ... mmmm... well maybe. The charts do seem to be hinting at a colder interlude on Wednesday and then again from late Saturday for a couple of days. I don't think we'll be getting snowed in or anything, more like a dusting of snow here and there but at least it looks like we're in with a chance of seeing our first snow of the winter.



Sarah said...

Keeping my fingers crossed here - heres hoping.

christa said...

Oh my, I hope not. If we haven't had any snow by now, it might as well stay away ;)
I'm the kind who loves a white christmas, but then it can go away and stay away until next christmas...lol