Thursday, December 11, 2003

Hello there!

We've finished moving our website from BT to BT-Yahoo!

We've made a couple of changes and many more changes are on the way. We're now using a new Yahoo guestbook, so feel free to add your comments. We've added a link on the photos page to our new photo album, this will include all of the photos posed on this blog plus any others that we like the look of.

Just seen the latest long range weather forecast and it looks like a White Christmas is back on again :-) It will probably be off again tomorrow, but at least there is still hope

Paul & Debbie

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Howdy doody doo!

We've had a busy weekend again. We went shopping on Saturday for a digital camcorder, it was a bit of a nightmare but we got one in the end and by Monday night we we're watching ourselves on the dvd player . . . top banana!

We went for a ride up to snake pass (near Glossop) at the weekend, it was a little bit on the cold side. We got a little bit of video footage up there and I look like Captain Scott of the Antartic in my big snorkel coat being blown all over the place We came back home via Holme Moss to watch the sunset again, not quite as good as the other week due to lack of cloud cover, but it was still lovely.

No sign of any snow yet, we been on the look out since September Hey ho, it's only early days yet and who knows, we might be snowed in for Christmas!

Here are a couple of the piccies we took on Sunday....

Valley below snake pass.

A few stray clouds have got lost over holme moss.

If you get the urge to howl while looking at this one, you should probably seek help

See ya for now . . .

Paul & Debbie

Friday, December 05, 2003

Hello again!!

Hope everyone is fine and dandy and looking to xmas as much as Paul & me is.......

We have put our tree and some decorations up, they look propper lovely.....

This is our mega tree with 720 micro bulbs on it.....

Snowman with blue micro lights.....

our dancing budies....the one in the middle lights up all different colours....

We don't seem to have many people signing our guess book so we will try and do more updates for you We will be updating our web site soon so watch out for new stuff on there, well Paul will be doing it I will just be telling him what we need on

I have started a new job at a major car retailers, and liking it very much, lots of new challenges for me to do.....

We hope everyone has a mega xmas and a happy new year!!!

see ya all soon......

Debbie & Paul.....


Sunday, November 23, 2003

Back again, a long time since our last update, we must update this thing more often. We've been out taking piccies that we were going to do two months ago

Latest news is that Debbie has started her new job and is settling in nicely and we are now looking forward to christmas. We've been out and bought loads of decorations, watch out for power cuts when we switch on next month

Here are the piccies that we look in the Pennines the other week...

View from the Longendale Trail.

Lucy waiting for us to catch up

The front room is now finished, all silver and blue with a nice new open flame gas fire which will be great for warming frozen toes after a day out in the snow

We've been out this afternoon taking pictures of the sunset over the pennines and it was more spectacular than we were hoping for. Can't wait while we get some snow and we'll back up there again . . .with a flask.

Well, off we go again to crack a couple of cans of cider and a glass or three of wine while watching scooby doo and sleepy hollow...

Paul & Debbie ...

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Here we are again!
News about my job,

I QUIT....

I was left in a shop all on me own when i was suppose to be in an office doing accounts work! in the middle of nowhere, and was expected to lift bags of cow and sheep food ect all on me own with some very grumpy farmers Paul was not a happy chappie when he found out I had been left on me own and esp with the clocks going back this weekend it will be dark by don't know who could be on them country makes me shudder thinking about it.....

WE have finally been decorating this weekend and got all the glossing done in blue with silver hi lites it looks fantastic.... Paul's dad is coming tomorrow to help hang the wallpaper so this could be fun watching Paul and his dad doing a lot of head scratching and cursing under their

We finally took some piccies last weekend while we was in the Yorkshire Pennines, so as soon as we can we will upload them and let you have a look at the beautifull contryside that we have got.

Well time to go again, me cider is getting

Debbie & Paul

Monday, October 13, 2003

Hello again, Well here the news Debbie wanted to tell you all, she has got a new job, it was her first day today and she loved every minute of it, lets see what tomorrow holds, the place were she's working is in the middle of the countryside and in the morning all you see is pheasants and squirrels and of course mad drivers on the country

We went last week to see how to get there and it's quite a drive along very narrow country lanes up and down steep hills . . . should be fun in the snow Will have to make sure she takes the camera with her.

I wish I was dodging suirrels and pheasants at work instead of the proverbial flying off the fan

We've had a busy weekend again, lot's to do . . . mostly shopping We got some mega bargains including very sexy boots for Debbie ;-) We got a cool dude snowman, a rocking reindeer and some window decorations for christmas :-) We are still on the lookout for some more blue microlites, they look mega on our white christmas tree. We were wanting to get some lights for the blue spruce that we planted in the front garden, but it's only a foot high and might look a bit daft

See ya soon

Paul & Debbie

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Well its the 1st of October and we are now on the watch for SNOW.....

we have both been busy bunnies....Paul is loving his new car and I love being home just after

we are off at the weekend taking piccies of the lovley countryside around here.....

We have some sad news to tell you....Maisy has gone back to the dogs home, she was such a livley ickle dog and hated being left, hence half the kitchen being eaten.....yikes.... we decided it was for the best as she is still young enough to get another home with people who can exercise her all day.... :-((

Lucy is still with us and creaming all the attention she can......

will update with some more exciting news at the weekend, mums the word till this space.....

See ya all very soon....

Debbie & Paul......

Friday, September 12, 2003

YIPPEE!! Paul has got his new car, its a fiat siecento sport, very nice, gleaming black just like my Yaris, we are both on the Atkins diet, Paul lost 6lbs last week and i only lost 4lb but its better than putting any I have been we are not supposed to have a drink till tomorrow night, but its CHRUNCHIE DAY so we could not wait any we have done really well no booze for 2 weeks.... This must be a record for

Its weigh in time again on sunday, fingers crossed for us both

we shall try and get some more piccies this weekend we are going to a big show on saturday and on sunday we are going to a car boot and then out with lucy and Maisy......

Hope you all have a fab weekend,

Will update soon

Debbie & Paul......

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

GOSH!! Its been a while since we updated, we have been very busy looking at cars for Paul, not got one yet will have to see were his company moves to......
Our cats have not been out since, Toddy does not seem bothered at all, just wants to snuggle up....
Zippy is coming on a treat, he is still growling when he comes out of his cage but its getting better, think patients is of the
Maisy is coming on a treat now, she is teething at the moment and is chewing everything in sight and chasing the cats, Misty stands he ground and give him a quick sharpe paw or should that be
We have been and paid the deposit on the wedding dress etc now, we dont have to go back till august now that will be for the fittings....all we have to do now is flowers, disco and wedding car...I
WE have had the decorators around for a quote just waiting for it to come in the post...Yikes...lets hope it aint too
We have also had someone in about some nice blinds for the windows, that is all booked and should be fitted soon, one he has got the material I have picked....
Think I have got uptodate, will let you know if i have missed anything out!!!

See ya all soon

Debbie & Paul

Monday, August 25, 2003

Well its bank holiday weekend again, we are off taking the doggies out after breakfast.

We had an eventful day yesterday, we let the cats out for the very first time (never again!). Misty our eldest stayed in the back yard with the doggies, just veturning a bit further would come running back after 5 minutes. Toddy was the same all day but after his tea he thought he would go exploring, after a few hours we were very worried, by 8pm last night we were frantic, not a sign of him anywhere. We had to climb over a wall and go into all these brambles, we found next doors cat and he ended up eating all the cat munchies.

At 1.30am this morning I was woken up by Maisy, she needed to go out, I could hear a cat crying, I ran back in the house and got Paul we both got dressed and went looking, not a sign of him at all. When we got back, our eldest cat Misty starting crying and screaming, think he was missing Toddy and was calling out for him. Paul opened the bathroom window and shouted Toddy and the next minute he was there. I flew down the stairs and ran in the back yard and he just snuggled up against me. They are not going out ever again, we would both be nervous wrecks. Then it was 3am and our adrenaline was at top flow, think it was 5am before I got to sleep, Toddy is non the worse and is now safely snuggled up on the sofa ......awwwwww.....

While we were off on holiday we managed to get the front garden sorted out, we've planted some ferns, a flamingo tree which looks lovely with pink leaves and a silver blue spruce which is destined to be covered in Christmas lights.

We've picked the style and material for the wedding dress this weekend and the lady who is doing this for us seems very nice. We've also picked the colour of the mens waistcoats.

The bridesmaid dresses have been picked, however, Debbies sister doesn't like the colour we've selected so we're having to go back again next weekend to pick another colour . . . Aaaaaarh!!

Hopefully this week will get better!!

Debbie & Paul

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

We did not make it to London, as all the trains were booked up and they want £110 return each for us to travel and then they could not guarentee a seat!! think the rail system in this country gets

We ended up going back to the coast with the doggies what another fantastic day, I cought the sun again walked all way down to the beech and remembered I had left the sun tan cream in the

Lucy was reluctant to go in the sea again and Paul had to go pick her up and walk across the water with her, she is so funny as Paul was walking with her she was trying to paddle with her front she did not relise she was about 6ft from the was in stitches with laughter watching them

When we got home we have all been relaxing and Zippy has been trying to talk again, he is nearly saying "HELLO" or might even be "EH OH" not sure yet, i just keep singing and chatting to him, we have moved his cage to the other side of the room and I think he is a ickle bit more happier.....

Time to do some jobs in the house tomorrow thats if it aint hot and sticky again.....

C u soon

Debbie & Paul

Saturday, August 09, 2003

What a week it has been, very hot humid and sticky, and today is not better, think it is hotter, we are off to the hairdressers this afternoon and then we are having a ride to castleford to see what the shops have to offer, we have been out this morning and got two new mobile phone, very ickle ones, very smart.

We are going to have a trip over to Holmfirth tomorrow with the doggies for a real walk in the dales...that should be nice, thats if it aint too hot....

We are off on holdiday this week, I have to work monday morning and Misty our eldest cat is at the vets for his booster injection, he will not be a happy chappie, on tuesday we are going to the coast, wednesday we are going to London on the fast train, thurday we have not made our minds up yet and same with friday, on saturday we are going to see my family they all live 80 miles away....

c u soon

Debbie & Paul

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen . . . . it won't do any good though because it's just as hot in every other room! It's very hot and humid today and it's forecast to get even hotter tomorrow with a chance of the record temperature for Britain being broken! Think it's time to move to Iceland

We ended up not going for a walk on Sunday afternoon, it was just too hot and just standing in the sun for a few seconds was painful with us being burnt from Saturday. We missed out on the walk last night for the same reason, hopefully we'll be out tonight when it's cooled down a bit :-) We won't be going anywhere without our factor 30 sun cream for a while

We're both very tired today, it's almost impossible to sleep at night and then just when we manage to get to sleep, Maisy jumps on us (at exactly 5.30am every morning) and starts licking until we get out of bed.

Bye for now from a very hot & sticky Yorkshire.

Paul & Debbie

Sunday, August 03, 2003

We made it to Cayton Bay on the Yorkshire coast yesterday, the sun was shining and everyone appeared to be heading for the East coast. We got there about midday, just in time for the hottest sun

The path down to the beach was a bit steep to say the least but it was well worth the climb down, the beach is lovely, nice soft sand, plenty of rock pools and the sea not to far away (you need a camel to get to the sea on some East Cost beaches

We went paddling for the first time in years, Debbie waded across a large pool and Maisy followed and started swimming on this her first proper day out!

She never hesitated about getting in the water, she jumped straight in and have a great time splashing about.

Lucy was having none of it, she's been on the beach before and she's not too keen on getting wet, she just sat on a rock sulking with the three of us at the other side of the pool

Lucy did get across eventually, up to her knees in water . . . very brave. Maybe one day she'll have a go at swimming, until then we'll just have to carry her across the deep bits

We're all shattered today, I think we were both roasted alive yesterday, our shoulders are a very nice shade of red We've been out for an early morning stroll round the park, I think we'll go down to the country park just own the road this afternoon after we've done a bit of shopping for some sun tan lotion and a gallon of after sun!

Paul & Debbie

Thursday, July 31, 2003

It's Thursday again, the weekend is almost upon us :-) We've been busy looking for places to take our dogs for walkies with Maisy ready to venture out on Friday :-)

We've found a cool site, Walking With Dogs, which has great ideas on where to go walking with dogs, the name says it all

I think we are going to be doing some more serious walking, 5 - 10 miles across open country, rather than once round the park So we need to buy some more toys/gadgets (my favourite hobby), walking shoes, map and a compass, not that we'll be going of the beaten track for a while yet, I can read signposts much better than a compass

Maisy has taken to digging in the flower tubs, chucking the soil all over the back yard and then laying in the tub Lucy was a little down this morning, I think she's missing the great outdoors, only one more day and then it's time to go exploring again :-)

Paul & Debbie