Sunday, October 26, 2003

Here we are again!
News about my job,

I QUIT....

I was left in a shop all on me own when i was suppose to be in an office doing accounts work! in the middle of nowhere, and was expected to lift bags of cow and sheep food ect all on me own with some very grumpy farmers Paul was not a happy chappie when he found out I had been left on me own and esp with the clocks going back this weekend it will be dark by don't know who could be on them country makes me shudder thinking about it.....

WE have finally been decorating this weekend and got all the glossing done in blue with silver hi lites it looks fantastic.... Paul's dad is coming tomorrow to help hang the wallpaper so this could be fun watching Paul and his dad doing a lot of head scratching and cursing under their

We finally took some piccies last weekend while we was in the Yorkshire Pennines, so as soon as we can we will upload them and let you have a look at the beautifull contryside that we have got.

Well time to go again, me cider is getting

Debbie & Paul

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