Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stroll Round Wosborough

We had a stroll round Worsborough Country Park on Sunday, it was amazing to see the difference from Saturday with all the snow gone, replaced by pools of water everywhere.


We took loads of bread for the ducks and as Debbie began throwing it into the water, we were besieged with Mallards, Canada Geese and Black-headed Gulls coming from all directions!


Lucy had a great time meeting and greeting everyone and their dog, then crashed out on the sofa when we got home, just like us!

There are a few more pictures here and here.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

There Be Snow In Them There Hills!

You know we've been busy bunnies when it's been snowing for 3 days and we've not posted anything! Most of the snow has gone from our garden now but Debbie got loads of shots on Thursday and Friday night.

It really did come down last night, we probably had a couple of inches, which these days is about as much as we can hope for, alas during the night it turned to rain and the snow was already melting when we emerged this morning.



With the snow rapidly melting down here in the village, we had a ride up to Holme Moss to see how much snow there was up there. Well, the was loads of the stuff, but only right at the very top, accompanied by thick fog so photo opportunities were somewhat limited!

We dropped down back over Woodhead and went for a walk round Langsett Wood again and were treated to some beautiful snow enhanced scenery. There must have been up to 8 inches in places and walking up and down the paths was more tricky than usual.



It doesn't look like we'll be getting any more snow just yet, but I think we've satisfied our appetite for the glorious white stuff for now at least.

There's loads more picture of the snow at home and at Langsett here plus loads of pictures from last week's visit to Langsett that we never had time to post about. There's also a few snaps of the garden taken on my K800i here.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Still Shrinking!

We went out for a belated Birthday meal on the Saturday before I went away. The local Chinese restaurant was the venue and only being on the small side, it looked like we'd booked the whole place with 14 guests!

Debbie had a very healthy Singapore Rice Vermicelli while I opted for the chefs special, spicy pork. Both were very tasty and I'm sure we'll be back for more of the same.

Everyone had a great night, Dad came back with us for a tot or two of whisky but his taxi, booked for 11.30pm, didn't turn up until almost 3am, about half a bottle later!

For a pair of snap happy people like us, we didn't take that many pictures but I did manage to whip out the mobile just before the food arrived...

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Monday was weigh day as usual and I'm very pleased to report that Debbie has lost another 3 pounds this week, that's a total of 80 pounds now or just short of 6 stone since June last year!

I think she's doing amazingly well and keeps on proving those doubting Thomasa's wrong who keep saying it's going to slow down. There's still 4 of the 12 months left to go on the current plan, although, when the 12 months have passed, we won't be changing anything, it's a change for life, a healthier life!


Monday, February 05, 2007

Away Man In Washington

I was away on course all last week, at Washington, not quite in the USA, more like Tyne & Wear!

I've been learning Visual Basic.NET and had to tootle up the A1 for a weeks instruction on how to do Windows type things and be taught the ways of object orientated programing. I'm not ashamed to say, with only 2 days prior knowledge of VB, it was more like disorientated programing! By the end of the week I was up to speed on objects, classes, methods and million other new English type terms I'm not used to using.

While it's great to be learning new things, the big down side to last week was leaving Debbie behind on Sunday knowing we wouldn't see each other again until the end of the week. Thankfully the days and nights seemed to pass quickly, before long Crunchie day came and I headed back down the A1 clutching my certificate signed by Bill.

Here's a few shots of the sunrise from the most exotic place I visited in Washington, Adsa bridge in the Galleries car park...