Saturday, February 10, 2007

There Be Snow In Them There Hills!

You know we've been busy bunnies when it's been snowing for 3 days and we've not posted anything! Most of the snow has gone from our garden now but Debbie got loads of shots on Thursday and Friday night.

It really did come down last night, we probably had a couple of inches, which these days is about as much as we can hope for, alas during the night it turned to rain and the snow was already melting when we emerged this morning.



With the snow rapidly melting down here in the village, we had a ride up to Holme Moss to see how much snow there was up there. Well, the was loads of the stuff, but only right at the very top, accompanied by thick fog so photo opportunities were somewhat limited!

We dropped down back over Woodhead and went for a walk round Langsett Wood again and were treated to some beautiful snow enhanced scenery. There must have been up to 8 inches in places and walking up and down the paths was more tricky than usual.



It doesn't look like we'll be getting any more snow just yet, but I think we've satisfied our appetite for the glorious white stuff for now at least.

There's loads more picture of the snow at home and at Langsett here plus loads of pictures from last week's visit to Langsett that we never had time to post about. There's also a few snaps of the garden taken on my K800i here.



Cheryl said...

It's snowing here today too!

Happy Anniversary you two!!

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