Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Still Shrinking!

We went out for a belated Birthday meal on the Saturday before I went away. The local Chinese restaurant was the venue and only being on the small side, it looked like we'd booked the whole place with 14 guests!

Debbie had a very healthy Singapore Rice Vermicelli while I opted for the chefs special, spicy pork. Both were very tasty and I'm sure we'll be back for more of the same.

Everyone had a great night, Dad came back with us for a tot or two of whisky but his taxi, booked for 11.30pm, didn't turn up until almost 3am, about half a bottle later!

For a pair of snap happy people like us, we didn't take that many pictures but I did manage to whip out the mobile just before the food arrived...

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Monday was weigh day as usual and I'm very pleased to report that Debbie has lost another 3 pounds this week, that's a total of 80 pounds now or just short of 6 stone since June last year!

I think she's doing amazingly well and keeps on proving those doubting Thomasa's wrong who keep saying it's going to slow down. There's still 4 of the 12 months left to go on the current plan, although, when the 12 months have passed, we won't be changing anything, it's a change for life, a healthier life!



Maribeth said...

Congratulations!!! That is just wonderful!!!

Jose said...

Wow! You're right, Debbie is doing amazingly well! Debbie, keep on doing what you're doing, because it's awesome!

Thanks, you two, for stopping by.

Freddy said...

Being out of the loop for so long I was amazed to read that Debbie has lost so much weight. Well done to you and what's your secret.

Jennifer said...

Okay I can see bones now.. you can stay right where you're at and celebrate with a happy dance. You look great! Any skinnier and you'll be invisable OK!


JustSue said...

Awesome! I have been following Debbie's tips since the second week of January (had to celebrate my birthday first) and I am down 18lbs already so far. Debbie, you have been a total inspiration to me...thank you! xo

Snowbabies said...

Sue, we're so glad you're doing so well :-) Looking forward to seeing the new pics ;-)

Debbie & Paul

Sarah said...

Wow, I know i don't comment here often but I always make sure I come and have a look whats going on over at snowbabies.

I would really love to know what Debbies secret is with a stone of 6 to loose myself. Any tips are much appreciated ;)

Wingnut said...

WOW! What an inspiration, I have had some health problems this last couple of years, all better now, and needing to find a program that works, you are truly an inspiration!