Friday, May 28, 2004


Here are some funnies that made me giggle, hope you enjoy

think this is something our Lucy would love to do....



Well its that time of year, all Ive heard for weeks is Big Brother, at this rate Paul will be walking down the isle on his own as I will have divorced him before we have even got

Just glad I got me new paperback from Asda now, this one is going to be a good one.....

After a week of wall to wall sunshine, can you believe it, it started to rain tonite, as usual just in time for the bank holiday weekend....

This is a message to my special friend Dave, hope you enjoy our blog and Web page...

See ya all soon


It's Friday!

At last, it's Friday and it's a bank holiday weekend . . . . whoopee!

I shall be off my trolley tonight watching BB5 so I think Debbie will be at the controls on the computer tonight. There aren't many things we don't both like but Big Brother is one of them. It's one of the those programs which people are either fanatical about or hate with a vengeance. There's also that group of people that watch the show every night and then claim they've never seen it when it comes up in conversation. It's this last group that you have to worry about, if they're keeping quiet about watching BB, what else are they not telling you . . they could be secret lemonade drinkers.

I'll go now before I'm escorted away......


Thursday, May 27, 2004

Big Brother

It's that time of the year again, Big Brother is back tomorrow and this time it's evil apparently. Debbie's not a fan of the show, like many people, she thinks you'd have to be off your trolley to watch it, which is probably why I like it.

I never saw any of BB1 but did hear about all the hype with Nasty Nick etc. When BB2 arrived, I had just got sky and had two holidays while it was on air so I did watch quite a lot that year and I'm not ashamed to say, I thought it was rather good. We didn't see much of BB3, mainly because it got silly and showed C4's desperation, trying to get something interesting to happen. We saw quite a bit of BB4 which was more along the lines of BB2 and was much more entertaining. I've been reading all about BB5 on Digital Spy over the last week or so, while waiting for the official site to get up and running and this year looks like it could be a good one, only time will tell.


Please Don't Rain

I'm praying for no rain between now and the weekend as we've not had chance to varnish the picnic table yet and if it gets wet, it going to be a bit on the wobbly side. I should have done it last night but I never got round to it, instead we watched DIY SOS followed by Stir Of Echoes which, even though we've seen it three times, made us both jump when the ghost appeared. Roll on weekend, we can't wait to watch Return of the King.


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Oh So Tired

I didn't get much sleep at all on Monday night, I think it might have been because we had the window open all night and I was listening to what was going on outside, usually it takes me about 5 seconds to get to sleep. The last thing I remember before finally drifting off was the sun coming up! So I was walking around like a zombie all day yesterday, praying for home time to come quicker.

After work we went to Meadowhall to spend some of Debbies birthday money and for once we found something tasty in the Oasis, sheesh kebab and mint sauce mmmmmm. We went off searching for a necklace but despite looking round five or six jewellers, nothing was jumping out at Debbie so we'll have a look round in town on Saturday. We got our dvd, Lord of the Rings - Return Of The King and also found one we were trying to remember the name of at the weekend, Stir of Echoes. Other dvd's we bought were The Magdalene Sisters, Fame and Interview With a Vampire. While we were there, we checked our mobile phone contracts, which now know we can change in July, time to start looking at new phones .... whoopee!


Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Happy Birthday!

It was Debbie's birthday yesterday, she's got loads of great goodies and loads of cards. We just about managed to get through them all before it was time to go to work. No-one should have to work on their birthday, it should be your own personal bank holiday. Despite plans to go out for the evening, Debbie elected to stop in and have a Chinese meal and watch Brother Bear on dvd. We both really enjoyed the film which has all the Disney magic and the out-takes were hilarious!

The final instalment of Lord of the Rings is out today, I did want to get it for Debbie's birthday yesterday but the distributors must have got the date wrong, I'm sure I told them 24th May. Never mind, we'll get a copy today but we might have to wait until the weekend to watch it, I'm not sure we'll be able to stay awake for 3 hours after tea. We've got the first two already so we could have a Lord of the Rings day on Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday.


Sunday, May 23, 2004

Bungie Rabbit about to escape! Posted by Hello

show me the burgers!! Posted by Hello

cheeky monkey Posted by Hello

lovely countryside Posted by Hello

Watching me watching you!! Posted by Hello

another nice one!! Posted by Hello

my birthday flowers off Paul Posted by Hello

this is some nice flowers we took at worsborough mill this morning Posted by Hello


WE have had a fab weekend, we went for a meal last nite at the Button Mill with some very good friends of ours, very nice indeed....

Today we have had a BBQ, which was lovley, Lucy enjoyed her chicken and pork but was not over keen on the

Tommorow is my 33rd birthday and ive got lots of pressies off Paul and his family, will have to wait and see what he has got planned when i get home from work

see ya soon


Friday, May 21, 2004

Just trying out this new "Hello" with some bluebells from last weekend. Posted by Hello

Start the fans please.

The weather forecast for yesterday was going for a much cooler day, but the fans were on again yesterday afternoon. As well as having desktop fans, we've got one of those portable air conditioning units in our office. It blows out cooler air, but not really cold. It's only a small office and even with it on full power all day, it still gets hot in the afternoon. I'm not complaining, it's better than nothing and it does help keep the temperature down slightly. I was thinking about getting one for home but if that's how good they are, I don't think I'll bother, they're not exactly cheap. We'll stick with the fans we've got and maybe get a couple more to generate a bit more of a breeze, then we'll be able to fly the kite in our living room.


Thursday, May 20, 2004

North Sea Scotch

Our friend came over last night, just back from Belgium, with 2 litres of whisky. I can feel a party coming on! They're of again later this year and Debbie suggested I go with them and bring back some supplies as I've got a couple of days holiday left this year. We've thought about doing a booze run before but we didn't fancy travelling all the way down to Dover but the ferry from Hull to Belgium sounds good to me.

We're going to get the bbq up and running this weekend, we need to get a new table and chairs for the garden and a parasol, obviously that will probably mean rain all weekend now, we apologise in advance!


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Breakfast is Served

I can't believe Asda don't sell cat bowls, I wasted a lunch break yesterday trying to acquire one, only to find the shelves full of cat food, dog food and nothing else so I left empty handed, chuntering to myself all the way back to my car. So the cat's had to have their tea in the small containers I found and as before, they weren't interested, they just looked at each other, then looked at me.... meeeeoooowww!

We both ended up going to Morrisons after work because we knew they sold cat bowls. We got a nice blue plastic double one that will bounce, we should have got a spare really because the first time it hits the floor, Lucy will pounce and it'll be chewed to death. Obviously, we couldn't leave the supermarket with just a cat bowl, well we could but we're too easily tempted, so we ended up with lots of pieces of chicken and other tasty things for tea, a case of beer and a case of wine.

This morning kitty breakfast was served in the new bowl and this time there were no protests and the food disappeared as usual.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Who Broke My Bowl

Misty & Toddy were left without a feeding bowl yesterday. When I got in from work, someone had thrown it on to the kitchen floor and there it lay in a thousand tiny pieces. We'll never know who did it but Lucy, who is usually jumping about when I get in, was sat in her bed looking very sorry. The cats weren't impressed with the plastic bowls I found and protested until I later put out some biscuits. So today I'm off shopping for a new bowl, preferably one that will bounce on a hard surface.

We had a couple of hours on the computer last night, Zippy was out with us keeping watch while we chatted on icq, which we've not done in a long time. We had a good old natter with Joss who found us on Feesch. He's thinking about starting a blog, in the mean time you can checkout his Feesch page.


Sunday, May 16, 2004

Lovely Day!

At work yesterday, I counted up all me overtime over the last three weeks, it came to 36 hours in total...bloody wonder i least me pay packet will be healthy at the end of

When I got home, Paul had done all the jobs again and was on with making our lunch...We nipped into town and got some new work shirts for both Paul and me...

Today we have been to Newmilladam in Wakefield, it was red hot, but it was a lovely walk and Lucy enjoyed every min of it, she is now lay on the sofa next to Paul falt out, she must have walked her ickle legs

we have taken some picture with both cameras and we will put them in our photo album this week...

Time to go and watch Hound of the Baskervilles...

Cu all soon


Saturday, May 15, 2004

Welcome to the Jungle

Debbie was shattered after a long week, so last night so I assigned myself the task of getting Feesch chat working. We’d tried to connect using Visual IRC before but it didn’t work, when I tried it again yesterday it sort of connected on it’s own after I pressed all the buttons. I tried to get McFeesch but that wouldn’t extract on XP so I ended up installing Mirc which worked ok and I managed to get into the chat room. Then it was time to go to bed!

Debbie’s at work this morning so I’ve been doing some things around the house and I’ve been in the front garden, or should that be jungle and been doing some weeding. It wasn’t as bad as it was last year, then there were weeds twice as high as me and we got a complaint from the postman about access to the letterbox. It’s all nice and tidy again now, our blue spruce is bearing new shoots for the first time since we bought it last year, it’s still only a foot tall though so I don’t think we’ll be having Christmas lights on it this year.


Friday, May 14, 2004

Rag & Bone

Where did the rag & bone men go, like Steptoe & Son. We used to have one come round years ago when I still lived at Dad's but I've not seen or heard of one for a long time. I have a theory that the increase in car boot sales over the years has meant that people try flogging their stuff on their own rather than wait for the horse & cart. We could do with a rag & bone man now, last night we cleared out any old clothes that we didn't want any more, despite the clothes department having it's own room, we have run out of space. We've got a pile of clothes ready to go, that's big enough to fit out a charity shop 3 times over. This weekend, we'll be out shopping for some nice tops.

The weather forecast is looking good for this weekend, I may even get some colour to my whiter than white legs. Debbie's not too keen on the hot sunshine, I don't mind it as long as I've got a hat on my head, sunglasses covering my eyes and a nice cold pint of beer in my hand. Hopefully we'll get out somewhere and Debbie can try out her new camera.


Thursday, May 13, 2004


After going gold on Feesch yesterday I showed Debbie the results last night and the verdict was - boring!

Well, I'm no graphic designer, I write raw code for a living and making things look pretty has never been my strong point.

We sat down and made some changes to the background colour and the font colour, changed the text a bit, added some more animated gifs dancing to the tune of "You Aint Seen Nothin Yet" and now it looks slightly less boring than it did. I'm still not sure Debbie's convinced, so more work will have to be done to make it even less boring.

On the subject of boring, we had the Eurovision semi-final on in the background last night and boy was it awful. We like the show (not the songs) normally but it just doesn't work without Terry Wogan providing a running tongue-in-cheek commentary. Thankfully he'll be back for the final on Saturday. We'll be watching after we've had a few drinks, no-one should have to watch that show sober.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Our friends came round yesterday with a huge bag of midget gems from the factory shop, I think they will last us a year Lucy was on best behaviour but Zippy was being real grumpy. Misty just carried on sleeping as usual and Toddy was being a fuss pot, he's getting better when we have visitors now, he used to disappear if anyone came in the house.

We've gone gold again on our Feesch page, I was a gold feesch when I met Debbie but since then we've not done much with our Feesch page even though that's how we first met each other. We've been updating it a little bit lately and I thought it would be nice to support Feesch by going gold again.


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Message for Paulie P!

What! No updates on the guest book for a while!

What have u been upto u cheeky boy?

C U soon, u saucy


Get Out Of The Kitchen

After some tinkering around looking at the new features, I've finally, after over 10 months, worked out how to put proper titles in posts. That's the trouble when you work in the computer industry, you're computer knowledge takes up the space where you're common sense should be.

I've been reminded that Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is on TV tonight, the last two weeks instalments have been great. The deal is that Gordon Ramsay spends a week at a failing restaurant and tries to turn thing around for the better. We like the program because the air is blue and no punches are pulled but it's all constructive. In the first show, after he left , the restaurant ended up being closed down, the kitchens were in the basement and terrible to maintain so it was never going to work out. In the second show, Gordon really wanted the head chef to go after proving that the kitchen ran better without him, but he didn't and the restaurant was still going strong on Gordon's return visit. Tonight's show stars The Walnut Tree Inn, South Wales and should be quite entertaining after seeing the short clips at the end of last weeks show.


With the revamp of Blogger yesterday, we thought we should take advantage of the nice new templates and features available. I tried this yesterday and completely buggered it up. However, having learnt lessons from yesterday, I've given it another go today and this time everything seems to be as it should be. All the logos in the side bar have gone, which should help to make the page load quicker and has given our blog a simpler look and feel.


Monday, May 10, 2004

New Toy

Debbie's birthday is in a couple of weeks time and over the last couple of month we've been looking at necklaces and bracelets etc. So on Sunday morning when Debbie said she wanted a new camera for her birthday, I was a bit surprised, but not totally, as I had been thing the same thing. On the one hand, would it be silly to have two cameras instead of sharing, on the other hand, we do miss things at Knowsley when there are animals on both sides of the car or other places when by the time you've got the camera, what you were going to take a picture has buggered off. So after calling at Dads, off we went in search of the perfect digital camera. After looking at quite a selection in several shops, Debbie picked out a Nikon which is a little like the one we have now but much smaller and with better image quality. When we got home, I wrapped it up and put it in the loft . . . . . err . . . nope, where's the fun in that! With the weather getting better, we've getting out more and there's no point in the shiny new camera doing nothing so we had it straight out of the box and started taking pictures. We just need to get another set of re-chargeable batteries and a case for it and we'll be off on the search for the perfect photo.


Sunday, May 09, 2004

On Safari Again

We had a day out at Knowsley Safari Park again on Saturday given that the weather forecast was better for the west side of the country. As usual the forecast was wrong and it rained all day but despite this, we had a very good time. The only disappointment was that the lion enclosure was having some maintenance work done so they weren’t out and about but even this was good in a way as they were much more active being penned in all day, we watched them for ages chasing each other around.

We got the best view yet of the tigers, three of the four of them all together next to the fence facing us. The tigers also appeared to be more active along with most of the other animals, it must have been the rain.

The elephants never strayed too far from cover which made it easier to take photos but it is nice to see them wandering around.

We only saw two rhinos today but again, we got good views and now that I’ve worked out how to zoom the camera, got some of the best pictures so far.

With the new improved zoom, we managed to get some good shots of the giraffes, whose heads are a long way away even when their stood next to you.

As always, there will be more photos to see in our photo album shortly.