Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Oh So Tired

I didn't get much sleep at all on Monday night, I think it might have been because we had the window open all night and I was listening to what was going on outside, usually it takes me about 5 seconds to get to sleep. The last thing I remember before finally drifting off was the sun coming up! So I was walking around like a zombie all day yesterday, praying for home time to come quicker.

After work we went to Meadowhall to spend some of Debbies birthday money and for once we found something tasty in the Oasis, sheesh kebab and mint sauce mmmmmm. We went off searching for a necklace but despite looking round five or six jewellers, nothing was jumping out at Debbie so we'll have a look round in town on Saturday. We got our dvd, Lord of the Rings - Return Of The King and also found one we were trying to remember the name of at the weekend, Stir of Echoes. Other dvd's we bought were The Magdalene Sisters, Fame and Interview With a Vampire. While we were there, we checked our mobile phone contracts, which now know we can change in July, time to start looking at new phones .... whoopee!


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