Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Going to the Dogs

We've had a busy bank holiday weekend. Debbie has to work on Saturday morning so I got some stuff done around the house and had Zippy out of his cage all day and did some more step-up training, he gets on my new perch without much of a struggle now and sits there while I take him for a walk round the house. On Saturday night we went to the Greyhound races in Sheffield with some of Debbies work colleagues. We didn't fair too badly, backed a few winners and ended up having a cheap night out followed by a tasty chicken sandwich from McDonalds on the way home.

Sunday was shopping day, we went off to Parkgate Retail Park in Rotherham only to find nowhere opened until 11am so rather than wait around 45 minutes we went to a new retail park a bit closer to home. It was busy as usual, I can remember when it first opened when there was just a supermarket and McDonalds and there were only ever a few cars in the car park. Now others have moved in like B & Q, Boots, Argos, Matalan and Next, it's a nightmare trying to get in and find parking space most of the time. We got fully kited out for summer and struggled back to the car laden with numerous shopping bags containing everything from nice tops to sandals. After leaving there we called in out our local shoe warehouse and came out with more sandals and trainers, then went into town and got a few more bits there. Now we need a new wardrobe.

We were going to the get off to the coast or something on Sunday but the weather forecast wasn't great and sure enough it was a bit chilly in the morning but got hot again in the afternoon. Debbie got most of the wedding invites done which took the whole day, I help when required but for the most part, kept out of the way as too many cooks cause an argument. I amused myself with the playstation and drank too much cider, it didn't seem too much last night but it does this morning.


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