Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Breakfast is Served

I can't believe Asda don't sell cat bowls, I wasted a lunch break yesterday trying to acquire one, only to find the shelves full of cat food, dog food and nothing else so I left empty handed, chuntering to myself all the way back to my car. So the cat's had to have their tea in the small containers I found and as before, they weren't interested, they just looked at each other, then looked at me.... meeeeoooowww!

We both ended up going to Morrisons after work because we knew they sold cat bowls. We got a nice blue plastic double one that will bounce, we should have got a spare really because the first time it hits the floor, Lucy will pounce and it'll be chewed to death. Obviously, we couldn't leave the supermarket with just a cat bowl, well we could but we're too easily tempted, so we ended up with lots of pieces of chicken and other tasty things for tea, a case of beer and a case of wine.

This morning kitty breakfast was served in the new bowl and this time there were no protests and the food disappeared as usual.


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BykerSink said...

Morrisons is the king of all supermarkets.

Quick celebrity check from Morrisons of Byker, Newcastle.

Hufty, ex of The Word.

That Geordie lass who used to play the err Geordie copper in The Bill.

Emmerson Thome, ex of Sunderland, now Bolton.

And most wonderously of all, Newcastle's godlike left back Olivier Bernhard.