Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Get Out Of The Kitchen

After some tinkering around looking at the new features, I've finally, after over 10 months, worked out how to put proper titles in posts. That's the trouble when you work in the computer industry, you're computer knowledge takes up the space where you're common sense should be.

I've been reminded that Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is on TV tonight, the last two weeks instalments have been great. The deal is that Gordon Ramsay spends a week at a failing restaurant and tries to turn thing around for the better. We like the program because the air is blue and no punches are pulled but it's all constructive. In the first show, after he left , the restaurant ended up being closed down, the kitchens were in the basement and terrible to maintain so it was never going to work out. In the second show, Gordon really wanted the head chef to go after proving that the kitchen ran better without him, but he didn't and the restaurant was still going strong on Gordon's return visit. Tonight's show stars The Walnut Tree Inn, South Wales and should be quite entertaining after seeing the short clips at the end of last weeks show.


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