Friday, May 14, 2004

Rag & Bone

Where did the rag & bone men go, like Steptoe & Son. We used to have one come round years ago when I still lived at Dad's but I've not seen or heard of one for a long time. I have a theory that the increase in car boot sales over the years has meant that people try flogging their stuff on their own rather than wait for the horse & cart. We could do with a rag & bone man now, last night we cleared out any old clothes that we didn't want any more, despite the clothes department having it's own room, we have run out of space. We've got a pile of clothes ready to go, that's big enough to fit out a charity shop 3 times over. This weekend, we'll be out shopping for some nice tops.

The weather forecast is looking good for this weekend, I may even get some colour to my whiter than white legs. Debbie's not too keen on the hot sunshine, I don't mind it as long as I've got a hat on my head, sunglasses covering my eyes and a nice cold pint of beer in my hand. Hopefully we'll get out somewhere and Debbie can try out her new camera.


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