Monday, May 10, 2004

New Toy

Debbie's birthday is in a couple of weeks time and over the last couple of month we've been looking at necklaces and bracelets etc. So on Sunday morning when Debbie said she wanted a new camera for her birthday, I was a bit surprised, but not totally, as I had been thing the same thing. On the one hand, would it be silly to have two cameras instead of sharing, on the other hand, we do miss things at Knowsley when there are animals on both sides of the car or other places when by the time you've got the camera, what you were going to take a picture has buggered off. So after calling at Dads, off we went in search of the perfect digital camera. After looking at quite a selection in several shops, Debbie picked out a Nikon which is a little like the one we have now but much smaller and with better image quality. When we got home, I wrapped it up and put it in the loft . . . . . err . . . nope, where's the fun in that! With the weather getting better, we've getting out more and there's no point in the shiny new camera doing nothing so we had it straight out of the box and started taking pictures. We just need to get another set of re-chargeable batteries and a case for it and we'll be off on the search for the perfect photo.


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