Saturday, May 15, 2004

Welcome to the Jungle

Debbie was shattered after a long week, so last night so I assigned myself the task of getting Feesch chat working. We’d tried to connect using Visual IRC before but it didn’t work, when I tried it again yesterday it sort of connected on it’s own after I pressed all the buttons. I tried to get McFeesch but that wouldn’t extract on XP so I ended up installing Mirc which worked ok and I managed to get into the chat room. Then it was time to go to bed!

Debbie’s at work this morning so I’ve been doing some things around the house and I’ve been in the front garden, or should that be jungle and been doing some weeding. It wasn’t as bad as it was last year, then there were weeds twice as high as me and we got a complaint from the postman about access to the letterbox. It’s all nice and tidy again now, our blue spruce is bearing new shoots for the first time since we bought it last year, it’s still only a foot tall though so I don’t think we’ll be having Christmas lights on it this year.


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