Thursday, May 06, 2004


We were planning to watch a film last night because Wednesdays are usually rubbish on telly, however, we noticed that DIY SOS was on and we really like to watch that because we both think it's really funny and Debbie likes anything with Nick Knowles in it.

We had Zippy out for an hour (we've been opening his cage every night but he usually just stands at the door showing off). He was on Debbie's shoulder for a while and then on mine, now all we need is a pointy hat and a treasure map.

A spooky thing happened last night, after my suggestion on here that we might go to see Van Helsing this weekend (I didn't mention it to Debbie), she suggested the same to me after tea yesterday. I think there is a name for that sort of thing when you know what another person is thinking but I can't remember what it is and probably couldn't spell it anyway.


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