Thursday, May 13, 2004


After going gold on Feesch yesterday I showed Debbie the results last night and the verdict was - boring!

Well, I'm no graphic designer, I write raw code for a living and making things look pretty has never been my strong point.

We sat down and made some changes to the background colour and the font colour, changed the text a bit, added some more animated gifs dancing to the tune of "You Aint Seen Nothin Yet" and now it looks slightly less boring than it did. I'm still not sure Debbie's convinced, so more work will have to be done to make it even less boring.

On the subject of boring, we had the Eurovision semi-final on in the background last night and boy was it awful. We like the show (not the songs) normally but it just doesn't work without Terry Wogan providing a running tongue-in-cheek commentary. Thankfully he'll be back for the final on Saturday. We'll be watching after we've had a few drinks, no-one should have to watch that show sober.


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