Sunday, May 09, 2004

On Safari Again

We had a day out at Knowsley Safari Park again on Saturday given that the weather forecast was better for the west side of the country. As usual the forecast was wrong and it rained all day but despite this, we had a very good time. The only disappointment was that the lion enclosure was having some maintenance work done so they weren’t out and about but even this was good in a way as they were much more active being penned in all day, we watched them for ages chasing each other around.

We got the best view yet of the tigers, three of the four of them all together next to the fence facing us. The tigers also appeared to be more active along with most of the other animals, it must have been the rain.

The elephants never strayed too far from cover which made it easier to take photos but it is nice to see them wandering around.

We only saw two rhinos today but again, we got good views and now that I’ve worked out how to zoom the camera, got some of the best pictures so far.

With the new improved zoom, we managed to get some good shots of the giraffes, whose heads are a long way away even when their stood next to you.

As always, there will be more photos to see in our photo album shortly.


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