Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Who Broke My Bowl

Misty & Toddy were left without a feeding bowl yesterday. When I got in from work, someone had thrown it on to the kitchen floor and there it lay in a thousand tiny pieces. We'll never know who did it but Lucy, who is usually jumping about when I get in, was sat in her bed looking very sorry. The cats weren't impressed with the plastic bowls I found and protested until I later put out some biscuits. So today I'm off shopping for a new bowl, preferably one that will bounce on a hard surface.

We had a couple of hours on the computer last night, Zippy was out with us keeping watch while we chatted on icq, which we've not done in a long time. We had a good old natter with Joss who found us on Feesch. He's thinking about starting a blog, in the mean time you can checkout his Feesch page.


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