Friday, September 12, 2003

YIPPEE!! Paul has got his new car, its a fiat siecento sport, very nice, gleaming black just like my Yaris, we are both on the Atkins diet, Paul lost 6lbs last week and i only lost 4lb but its better than putting any I have been we are not supposed to have a drink till tomorrow night, but its CHRUNCHIE DAY so we could not wait any we have done really well no booze for 2 weeks.... This must be a record for

Its weigh in time again on sunday, fingers crossed for us both

we shall try and get some more piccies this weekend we are going to a big show on saturday and on sunday we are going to a car boot and then out with lucy and Maisy......

Hope you all have a fab weekend,

Will update soon

Debbie & Paul......

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

GOSH!! Its been a while since we updated, we have been very busy looking at cars for Paul, not got one yet will have to see were his company moves to......
Our cats have not been out since, Toddy does not seem bothered at all, just wants to snuggle up....
Zippy is coming on a treat, he is still growling when he comes out of his cage but its getting better, think patients is of the
Maisy is coming on a treat now, she is teething at the moment and is chewing everything in sight and chasing the cats, Misty stands he ground and give him a quick sharpe paw or should that be
We have been and paid the deposit on the wedding dress etc now, we dont have to go back till august now that will be for the fittings....all we have to do now is flowers, disco and wedding car...I
WE have had the decorators around for a quote just waiting for it to come in the post...Yikes...lets hope it aint too
We have also had someone in about some nice blinds for the windows, that is all booked and should be fitted soon, one he has got the material I have picked....
Think I have got uptodate, will let you know if i have missed anything out!!!

See ya all soon

Debbie & Paul