Sunday, August 19, 2007

Robin Hoods Bay To Ravenscar

Yesterday we headed off to Robin Hoods Bay, the weather forecast wasn't brilliant but we didn't see any rain on the way there and when we arrived the sun was breaking through.


Having remembered to check the tide times, we arrive just in time to make out of the main bay and along the beach to Ravenscar. About half way we came across a cave in the cliffs, probably used by smugglers in days gone by.

Smugglers Cave

Debbie found a rock in a pool, of which there are thousands, but this one was sporting a wonderful design made by the water in the sand.

Feathered Rock

Venturing further afield than before, we came across fossil imprints in the rocks and even found a couple of whole ammonites that we brought home with us.

Fossil Imprint

As we entered the bay next to Ravenscare, Debbie found this waterfall, it was amazing to see the water cascading over the cliffs.


When we got to Ravenscar, we turned round and could barely see Robin Hoods Bay in the distance.


We spent over four hours walking on the beach and weather held off the whole time, then just after we left it started chucking it down with rain!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dad's Back On The Road

We took Dad to the hospital this morning for a checkup with the eye specialist. After a month of not being able to get behind the wheel, he's been given the all clear to hit the road again which is great news.

We've been out for a walk round Newmillerdam this afternoon. About half way round we came across a bloke and a teenage boy running out from the trees and then loitering on the path. We walked round them but Lucy was reluctant to pass by and took some coaxing. A bit suspicious and the camera's were back in their cases faster than you can say "leg it back to the car, we've got a couple of fruitcakes here".


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Perfect DIY Weather

I've been on holiday since Monday and it's been raining much of the time which has been great news. If it had been hot sunshine, I'd have been dischuffed hat having to get a few jobs done over the last 3 days. With the lovely cooler weather I've managed to get all the edging down over the laminate floor and made a wooden bath panel. Still loads to do but that's it for now, I'm on strike!

Debbie finishes work today and then we're both off until a week on Tuesday! I think we'll be getting out and about more than we managed during our May holiday. I'm not sure Mablethorpe will be on the cards, even though we've not been for a whole week!


Sunday, August 12, 2007

And The Moral Of This Story Is....

I ran the facebook phenonemon by Debbie earlier today and got the green light to add a profile for each of us, Yorkshire Snowman and Buttercup.

Second rule of the land in these parts is never sign up for anything when your drunk. So, I passed the first rule, ask Debbie first, and then fragrantly pooed the second rule, nver sgnien up when your drunk.

It's like playing Mr & Mrs for live, except when on telly, the contestans weren't usualy 2 bottles short of colapsng on stage.

So I've signed us both up, just waiting for the sober realisation of tomorrow...


Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Bit Of A Scare

Dad's been for more tests following the double vision episode the other week. It turns out that he's suffered a mini stroke, not good news at all and really not what we were expecting.

He's got more tests over the next few weeks including a brain scan. He really does need to slow down a bit, he's on the go more now he's retired than he was when he was working!

The pressure of all that rushing about, Grandma passing away, clearing and selling her house has obviously taken it's toll.

Time for more days by the riverbank me thinks.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Drawn Back To Mablethorpe

Well, we battled through the traffic past Ingoldmells and Skegness last Saturday, it took us over 3 hours to get to Gibraltar Point. We got there to find a visitor centre, a beach that Lucy wasn't allowed anywhere near and a shed in a field. So, we headed back up the coast to Chapel St. Leonards only to find that they were holding their summer gala so instead of a quaint, quiet village, it was the busiest place on earth!

After over 4 hours in the car, we arrived back in Mablethorpe which itself was pretty busy with the glorious weather and the summer holidays but it was still nowhere near as busy as the other seaside resorts. We spent the afternoon walking along the beach past Sutton on Sea and back again.

On the way back home we called in at Saltfleet to see what was there, I was all for having a walk amongst the sand dunes, however Debbie was rather put off by the MOD warning sign about unexploded bombs littering the area.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shiny New Bathroom

The carpet has been laid in the bathroom and it looks totally different, no pictures as yet as we've still go a few jobs to do such as building a new bath panel.

We had a ride out to Cannon Hall on Saturday afternoon, taking advantage of the nice sunny weather, it was almost like summer!




We took Dad shopping on Sunday, he's still unable to drive since having the double vision scare a couple of weeks ago. His vision is getting better and he spent the afternoon pottering about in our garden tidying up the jungle. I hoovered the lawn and Debbie climbed on top of the sheds and took the chainsaw to some overhanging tree branches.

We're in tidying mode this week, I've done some virtual organizing on our Flickr page but I think Debbie is more interested in the real world, getting our house gleaming so we can start putting down the edging for the laminate floor downstairs and use the remaining carpet to cover the stairs. I've been virtually been getting around to that edging every day for the last two years!