Sunday, August 19, 2007

Robin Hoods Bay To Ravenscar

Yesterday we headed off to Robin Hoods Bay, the weather forecast wasn't brilliant but we didn't see any rain on the way there and when we arrived the sun was breaking through.


Having remembered to check the tide times, we arrive just in time to make out of the main bay and along the beach to Ravenscar. About half way we came across a cave in the cliffs, probably used by smugglers in days gone by.

Smugglers Cave

Debbie found a rock in a pool, of which there are thousands, but this one was sporting a wonderful design made by the water in the sand.

Feathered Rock

Venturing further afield than before, we came across fossil imprints in the rocks and even found a couple of whole ammonites that we brought home with us.

Fossil Imprint

As we entered the bay next to Ravenscare, Debbie found this waterfall, it was amazing to see the water cascading over the cliffs.


When we got to Ravenscar, we turned round and could barely see Robin Hoods Bay in the distance.


We spent over four hours walking on the beach and weather held off the whole time, then just after we left it started chucking it down with rain!


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