Sunday, August 12, 2007

And The Moral Of This Story Is....

I ran the facebook phenonemon by Debbie earlier today and got the green light to add a profile for each of us, Yorkshire Snowman and Buttercup.

Second rule of the land in these parts is never sign up for anything when your drunk. So, I passed the first rule, ask Debbie first, and then fragrantly pooed the second rule, nver sgnien up when your drunk.

It's like playing Mr & Mrs for live, except when on telly, the contestans weren't usualy 2 bottles short of colapsng on stage.

So I've signed us both up, just waiting for the sober realisation of tomorrow...



JustSue said...

OK I tried searching under "Yorkshire Snowman" (zero results) and under "Buttercup" (too many responses to mention). Most of us use our real names on there (shock horror!) seeing as it's a social network (think Classmates dot com etc.) What email addy are you registered under...might find you that way.

Quick update for Debbie...I am stuck too luv. Same number for the past month and nothing is moving regardless of what I do. Just hopeing it's a short plateau.

Snowbabies said...

I give up Sue, tried searchinbg on you, but the bloody thing aint working will leave it to the expert tomorrow me thinks!!

Paulie its over to your work your MAGIC