Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shiny New Bathroom

The carpet has been laid in the bathroom and it looks totally different, no pictures as yet as we've still go a few jobs to do such as building a new bath panel.

We had a ride out to Cannon Hall on Saturday afternoon, taking advantage of the nice sunny weather, it was almost like summer!




We took Dad shopping on Sunday, he's still unable to drive since having the double vision scare a couple of weeks ago. His vision is getting better and he spent the afternoon pottering about in our garden tidying up the jungle. I hoovered the lawn and Debbie climbed on top of the sheds and took the chainsaw to some overhanging tree branches.

We're in tidying mode this week, I've done some virtual organizing on our Flickr page but I think Debbie is more interested in the real world, getting our house gleaming so we can start putting down the edging for the laminate floor downstairs and use the remaining carpet to cover the stairs. I've been virtually been getting around to that edging every day for the last two years!


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