Monday, July 23, 2007

Speed Shopping For Carpet

We headed off to Lakeside at Doncaster on Saturday, hitting the Next Clearance sales and loading the car boot full of bargains. The planned crashing on the sofa did materialize but not until tea time after we'd gone through all the new clothes and used a crowbar to get them into the wardrobe.

Debbie heard an advert for a carpet shop on the radio during the week so we looked it up and set off on Sunday morning. Ten minutes after entering the shop we were leaving again, carpet chosen, ordered and booked to be fitted next weekend. Onwards to B&Q to get all the bits we needed to get the bathroom sorted out before the carpet arrives, paint, brushes, skirting board, no more nails, new light fittings...

We got started as soon as we got back, replacing a couple of sections of skirting board and then got a coat of white paint on the walls, ceiling and door. It's that pink paint that dries white and I must say it looks better than it smells, it absolutely stinks! We've got another coat to get on tonight, we'll be glad when it's done, dried and fumigated!



Jennyta said...

Hope Debbie's feeling better now. She seems to have had a rough time lately.

JustSue said...

Looking forward to the pics of the newly decorated and carpetted room!