Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wentworth Castle Gardens

While we were on holiday a few weeks ago, we visited Wentworth Castle Gardens in Stainborugh, Barnsley.

It was on BBC's Restoration in 2003 but failed to win. The restoration of the gardens is going well anyway, still a long way to go though. The glass house is in danger of collapsing and they're currently having a big fund raising push to try and save it.

The gardens are lovely and will look fantastic when their finished. The main building is Wentworth Castle and at the other end of the gardens is Stainborough Castle.

Wentworth Castle Gardens

Corinthian Temple

Wentworth Castle

Wentworth Castle Gardens

Stainborough Castle

Stainborough Castle


Stainborough Castle

Stainborough Castle

We've been back at work two weeks now and Debbie's not been having a great time. A week ago on Friday she started with a pain in her legs and by Sunday morning Debbie was in agony with her back and legs plus a thumping headache on top of that.

No better on Monday, Debbie stayed at home and on Tuesday went to the Doctors who prescribed antibiotics which we think ended up making her sick. Debbie was violently sick on Wednesday morning and I popped home to see how she was at lunch time. I called the doctors and was promised a call back within the hour. The hour came and went and after I chased them up I had to get back to work.

When I got home, there had still been no call so I called again only to be directed to after hours care who couldn't help because they didn't take over until 6pm and our surgery shouldn't have switched off their lines until then.

I called back after 6pm and we got an appointment at the hospital where we managed to get to see a doctor but he couldn't pinpoint the problem. His best guess would be a very bad migraine and he prescribed stronger pain killers. Debbie took two in Asda car park and by the time we got home she was feeling much better.

Debbie went back to work on Thursday, feeling better but still not brilliant. The pain killers seems to be keeping on top of whatever the problem is and we're now enjoying a nice chilled weekend!



Jennifer said...

Lovely photos. Hope you're feeling better Debbie

LeBlanc said...

That place is spectacular. Much better house than the one we just saw. Hope everyone stays well.

JustSue said...

Gorgeous pics (as usual - you guys really have the "eye"!) Hope you are feeling better Debbie - migraines are awful :0(