Friday, April 30, 2004

Strange Cats

Debbie was shattered yesterday after driving to Harrogate yesterday for her course which turned out to be only for half a day so she was back at work in the afternoon. I hate that when you are out of the office for a long period and then get back, it's difficult to get back into the swing of things and makes the day more tiring. I suppose if you were out of the office regularly then you'd get used to it, but for someone like myself and Debbie who arn't let loose on the road all that often, it can be a pain.

We found Misty attached to the door again when we got home yesterday, I don't understand why he's suddenly started doing it, it's a solid wood door leading to the stairs, I know he loves going up there to sleep on the bed given half the chance but he's never going to get anywhere swinging by his claws half way up the door. It is funny though! Todd is always in the same spot when we get home, in the litter tray trying to dig is way to Australia, I think it's just because he waits while Lucy is distracted by the cars pulling into the drive and makes a run for it.

Bank holiday weekend is almost upon us and with it comes the forecast of thundery showers..... don't think we'll be going to the beach then.


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