Monday, April 12, 2004

Another bank holiday over and done with!

Well we got stuck into the kitchen on saturday, this is a long job, lots of fiddley bits to do!!

Sunday we went to Llandudno, very nice indeed, apart from following Debbie's brother in law on the motorway, talk about a snail overtaking us!! boy it was pain staking......We first had to drive to the other side of Manchester with took an hour and then from Debbie's sisters house to Llandudno took another 2 hours....Talk about road rage.....

Coming home we set off first and it in record time, Debbie driving of course, Wales to South Yorkshire in 2 hours...was like Sterling

Today we have been sorting the kitchen again, nearly finished just the edging and the varnishing to do...yippee....

Then its time to do the stairs and the bathroom, think Paul will be leaving home soon with all these jobs Ive got planned for

Time for a nice hot soak and watch a good film me thinks, Paul is planning on getting drunk, thats if he stays awake long


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