Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Back to Work

Monday mornings are always a drag, especially when you have to get up 3 hours earlier than you have for a week. We were both still half asleep at breakfast but the strong coffee did the trick and got us moving at least a little and we were off to face work.

Debbie had already done the shopping when I got home so we could get the tea on and chill with a few glasses of wine. I was still on a mission to tame Zippy while Debbie had 2 or 3 conversations going on msn, giggling away. I can just about handle one chat session, if someone else pops up I have to get Debbie to step in because my brain wasn't designed for this kind of multitasking.

So, I managed to coax Zippy out of his cage after an hour of trying and once he was out I picked him up in his towel and took him over to his stand. I stayed with him for 10 minutes stroking his head while he calmed down from all the excitement and then sat down leaving Zippy to chill out and have a bit of a munch. All the time I'm having to say "Lucy shut up, Lucy shut up" because she whines the whole time Zippy is out of the cage, she's obsessed. The whining did die down a little after about 2 hours. I'm hoping that by the end of this week she'll be used to Zippy being out and about and not bother as much, can't see this coming off, but I am hoping. Bed time for Zippy used to be a nightmare, we'd try to catch him and he'd end up behind the telly or under the desk and would refuse to come out which just resulted in a stand off lasting an hour and getting got all concerned very stressed. Since we've adopted the towel approach it's much better because once he's in the towel we can hold him for a while and stroke him. Since doing this he's not been nipping when I have managed to pick him up by hand. Last night he flew from the stand to the sofa to the telly to the lamp shade and finally to the top of his cage which just left me to deploy the towel and whisk him back in side.


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