Monday, April 05, 2004

Small is beautiful

Not when it's a mobile phone it isn't. We both got new ones last year, going for the smallest ones we could find, balanced with them not being the same price as a weeks holiday for two in Australia. They looked good enough and easily fitted into my pocket, which is what I wanted rather than wearing leather pouch to hold it in. As far as I'm concerned, leather pouches should be seen on women's only nights at the local club, not waving about in the wind on the high street. There are three main problems with these phones, my thumb is twice as big as the keypad so I need to book a day off work to send a text message. The battery is so small, after one ten minute conversation, it's dead. But the most annoying thing is the bloody flip top that will never open up when it's ringing and I'm franticly trying to retrieve it from Debbie's handbag.


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