Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I must be a mug

There is a sort of craze going round the office at the moment, everyone's into buying huge mugs so that they get their fair share of tea or coffee through the day. Now, not to be beaten, I bought the largest mug I could find the other day, now there should be a warning with these things... Upon making my first round of drinks, I found that the spoon wouldn't reach the bottom of my mug, luckily I only drink coffee, otherwise I would never be able to get the tea bag out. I've sort of got round this now by inserting the spoon half way and spinning it round the mug, thus creating a whirlpool effect with the level of coffee lower in the middle of the mug allowing me to get the spoon to the bottom of the mug. This is not ideal as keeping the spinning going while not burning your fingers is nigh on impossible. Anyway, I'm now on the lookout for a two foot long tea spoon..


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