Thursday, April 08, 2004

Last day...

Wooopeeee, last day before our holiday!

Zippy was out again last night, doing laps of the room again but this time landed a bit better. Lucy is a real pain when Zippy is out, she lies next to him and whines & whines and whines none stop until he goes back in his cage. We ended up having to put Lucy in the kitchen while we had half an hour quality time with Zippy. We wrapped him up in a towel and he just laid there while we took it turns to stroke him while Lucy was still whimpering in the kitchen. She can be a very jealous little dog at times, never nasty, just muscles in if Misty, Todd, Zippy or Bungee are getting any attention.

We watched a programme called Grand Designs last night about a couple who imported a flat pack house from America, it arrived on two trucks and took a whole day to unload. They just bought an old house in a nice spot, knocked it down, put new foundations down and everything else was included in the pack. It looked like hard work but we really did like the house when it was finished.


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