Sunday, April 18, 2004

Chester Zoo

After plans for a day out on Friday were rained off, we went off to Chester Zoo yesterday and even had some sunshine. The main thing that has changed since we were there two years ago is the new black rhinos centre, appart from that everything is much the same. There were a few dissapointments, the wolves were hiding again just like last time and we were advised by the keeper that the spectacled bears were also hiding and never came out while people were arround, not much point in listing them a 'must see' in the guide then. There were high points though, we got great views of the sea lions and a good cose up view of the jaguar and a short glimpse of the black panther. The otters put on a great show but the best display has to be the tiger who roared while he proweld arround, I think last time we wondered if it was stuffed. The one lion on display was asleep when we got there and was alseep when we left, maybe it was one of the toy ones from the ark shop. The bat cave was cool, we managed to get some good shots of the bats in the dark using night capture on the cam.

We've loaded 40 new pictures from Chester into our photo album.

It's the end of our holiday now, back to the real world again tomorrow and we must finish off the kitchen.


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