Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Into The Groove

We borrowed a dance mat for the playstation off my brother on Saturday and we got around to trying it out last night. I was a bit sceptical at first but bounding about on this mat to the tune of zipadeedoodah was great fun, certainly more entertaining than jogging or going to the gym. We enjoyed it so much, I'm going to get two dance mats of our own so we can dance the night away.

After a few days of glorious sunshine, we had thunder storms yesterday that knocked out the power at work for a while and this morning it's raining again. Lucy hates the rain or any kind of water, she must be the only dog in the world that will walk round mud and puddles rather than jumping in. This poses a problem, like this morning, we take her outside but if there is a single spot of rain she just stands next to the door looking at you. Hey ho, looks like the mop and bucket will be out tonight.


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