Monday, October 13, 2003

Hello again, Well here the news Debbie wanted to tell you all, she has got a new job, it was her first day today and she loved every minute of it, lets see what tomorrow holds, the place were she's working is in the middle of the countryside and in the morning all you see is pheasants and squirrels and of course mad drivers on the country

We went last week to see how to get there and it's quite a drive along very narrow country lanes up and down steep hills . . . should be fun in the snow Will have to make sure she takes the camera with her.

I wish I was dodging suirrels and pheasants at work instead of the proverbial flying off the fan

We've had a busy weekend again, lot's to do . . . mostly shopping We got some mega bargains including very sexy boots for Debbie ;-) We got a cool dude snowman, a rocking reindeer and some window decorations for christmas :-) We are still on the lookout for some more blue microlites, they look mega on our white christmas tree. We were wanting to get some lights for the blue spruce that we planted in the front garden, but it's only a foot high and might look a bit daft

See ya soon

Paul & Debbie

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