Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Howdy doody doo!

We've had a busy weekend again. We went shopping on Saturday for a digital camcorder, it was a bit of a nightmare but we got one in the end and by Monday night we we're watching ourselves on the dvd player . . . top banana!

We went for a ride up to snake pass (near Glossop) at the weekend, it was a little bit on the cold side. We got a little bit of video footage up there and I look like Captain Scott of the Antartic in my big snorkel coat being blown all over the place ...lol... We came back home via Holme Moss to watch the sunset again, not quite as good as the other week due to lack of cloud cover, but it was still lovely.

No sign of any snow yet, we been on the look out since September ..lol.. Hey ho, it's only early days yet and who knows, we might be snowed in for Christmas!

Here are a couple of the piccies we took on Sunday....

Valley below snake pass.

A few stray clouds have got lost over holme moss.

If you get the urge to howl while looking at this one, you should probably seek help ...lol...

See ya for now . . .

Paul & Debbie

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