Wednesday, August 13, 2003

We did not make it to London, as all the trains were booked up and they want £110 return each for us to travel and then they could not guarentee a seat!! think the rail system in this country gets

We ended up going back to the coast with the doggies what another fantastic day, I cought the sun again walked all way down to the beech and remembered I had left the sun tan cream in the

Lucy was reluctant to go in the sea again and Paul had to go pick her up and walk across the water with her, she is so funny as Paul was walking with her she was trying to paddle with her front she did not relise she was about 6ft from the was in stitches with laughter watching them

When we got home we have all been relaxing and Zippy has been trying to talk again, he is nearly saying "HELLO" or might even be "EH OH" not sure yet, i just keep singing and chatting to him, we have moved his cage to the other side of the room and I think he is a ickle bit more happier.....

Time to do some jobs in the house tomorrow thats if it aint hot and sticky again.....

C u soon

Debbie & Paul

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