Tuesday, August 05, 2003

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen . . . . it won't do any good though because it's just as hot in every other room! It's very hot and humid today and it's forecast to get even hotter tomorrow with a chance of the record temperature for Britain being broken! Think it's time to move to Iceland ...lol...

We ended up not going for a walk on Sunday afternoon, it was just too hot and just standing in the sun for a few seconds was painful with us being burnt from Saturday. We missed out on the walk last night for the same reason, hopefully we'll be out tonight when it's cooled down a bit :-) We won't be going anywhere without our factor 30 sun cream for a while ...lol...

We're both very tired today, it's almost impossible to sleep at night and then just when we manage to get to sleep, Maisy jumps on us (at exactly 5.30am every morning) and starts licking until we get out of bed.

Bye for now from a very hot & sticky Yorkshire.

Paul & Debbie

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