Saturday, August 09, 2003

What a week it has been, very hot humid and sticky, and today is not better, think it is hotter, we are off to the hairdressers this afternoon and then we are having a ride to castleford to see what the shops have to offer, we have been out this morning and got two new mobile phone, very ickle ones, very smart.

We are going to have a trip over to Holmfirth tomorrow with the doggies for a real walk in the dales...that should be nice, thats if it aint too hot....

We are off on holdiday this week, I have to work monday morning and Misty our eldest cat is at the vets for his booster injection, he will not be a happy chappie, on tuesday we are going to the coast, wednesday we are going to London on the fast train, thurday we have not made our minds up yet and same with friday, on saturday we are going to see my family they all live 80 miles away....

c u soon

Debbie & Paul

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