Sunday, August 03, 2003

We made it to Cayton Bay on the Yorkshire coast yesterday, the sun was shining and everyone appeared to be heading for the East coast. We got there about midday, just in time for the hottest sun

The path down to the beach was a bit steep to say the least but it was well worth the climb down, the beach is lovely, nice soft sand, plenty of rock pools and the sea not to far away (you need a camel to get to the sea on some East Cost beaches

We went paddling for the first time in years, Debbie waded across a large pool and Maisy followed and started swimming on this her first proper day out!

She never hesitated about getting in the water, she jumped straight in and have a great time splashing about.

Lucy was having none of it, she's been on the beach before and she's not too keen on getting wet, she just sat on a rock sulking with the three of us at the other side of the pool

Lucy did get across eventually, up to her knees in water . . . very brave. Maybe one day she'll have a go at swimming, until then we'll just have to carry her across the deep bits

We're all shattered today, I think we were both roasted alive yesterday, our shoulders are a very nice shade of red We've been out for an early morning stroll round the park, I think we'll go down to the country park just own the road this afternoon after we've done a bit of shopping for some sun tan lotion and a gallon of after sun!

Paul & Debbie

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