Thursday, January 25, 2007

Snow, Hail & Frost

While half the country has been getting snow over the last few days, including the rolling hills of the Pennines not far away from us, we've probably had about 1mm of snow if that! Our first snowfall was on Sunday night, very fine snow flakes floated down from the sky for a couple of hours giving us barely as dusting.

We had a few brief snow showers through Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday but still leaving just a dusting here and there. It's looks like we had some hail as well last night followed by a frost, reaching a low of -2.0c by this morning, our coldest so far this Winter.

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We've been chuckling at the news reporters standing in almost an inch of snow they've managed to find, trying to make it look like the big freeze. When that 2 foot dump of snow finally does arrive, and it will one year, this country is going to come to a standstill, well it will once the nutters who were going too fast stop sliding!



Tony said...

Nice, but I fear we may never get those deep falls of snow again.. all we'll be able to do is tell our grandchildren of what it was like to have snow on the ground for weeks...


Maribeth said...

We're waiting for our big snow this year here in New Hampshire, US. We usually have a couple of feet a year. This year? Just a dusting. Boo-hoo I'm a skier!

Wallo said...

Pfff trust me we did have hail early that morning...and it was SORE and heavy!
I'm surprised it didn't wake you!

I enjoy your blog entries, linked here from Gemmak's blog