Wednesday, July 23, 2003

It's still hot & humid here, not as bad as last week though, we're getting the odd rain shower now :-) Ten days and counting until we can take the dogs (Lucy & Maisy) out, it's torture at the moment having all this good weather and not being able to take them out anywhere :-( It's for the best though, it's not worth risking an infection before Maisy has had her final injections. They had the water bowl over in the kitchen yesterday, we got home to find the entire contents of the bin floating around! We're going to have to put a reminder on the back door to put the bin somewhere safe before we go out, we forget so many times .lol.

Our African Grey Parrot (Zippy) is getting more vocal by the day, mostly elaborate whistles at the moment, but he's dropping in the odd ehh-hoo now and then :-) The cats (Misty & Toddy) are doing fine, they're house cats, we can't allow them outside with us living on a main road. We did try taking Misty for a walk in the park on a lead once, which was cool, but he panicked when I carried him back across the main road and I got scratched everywhere .lol.

Paul & Debbie

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