Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thorp Perrow

Today we've been to Thorp Perrow, Bedale, North Yorkshire. It's a fantastic place which Debbie found on the net last week, don't know how, I'd never heard of it before. The grounds are huge, filled with trees, shrubs, flowers, ponds, streams, lakes and thousands upon thousands of daffodils.

At the far side of the park is a falconry centre where they have everything from a Kestrel to a Golden Eagle, including this beautiful Southern White-Faced Owl.

Southern White-Faced Owl

We watched the flying display which was amazing and Debbie got to handle a Barn Owl and a Jackal Buzzard.

You can see many more of Debbie's images from todays vist and a couple of mine right here.



Midmarsh John said...

Terrific close shot. Beautiful eyes and head markings.
I have only seen an outdoor demonstration once and it is an amazing spectacle.

Kelly said...! What a beautiful photo. He is gorgeous!

Sue said...

That is a great owl shot!