Friday, October 22, 2004

Trashing Fences

When I got home yesterday, I was supposed to be going round next door to ask if the fence could be sorted out but the Chinese fella was up a ladder sorting the drain pipes out, so I asked him about it and I think he sort of said go ahead. I did want him to do it really, but trying to explain that was harder then doing the job myself.

Pouring with rain, he then asks me if I know any builders that can build his new wall, I told him I didn't as we've not had anything like that done. Then, while we're both getting soaked and the three amigos are in the kitchen window wanting to know what the delay is, he starts to explain that he can't find a builder, he rings them but they don't turn up. Going by the struggle I had having a conversation with him, I think it might be because they haven't got a chuffin clue what he's on about!

Anyway I finally managed to get away and let Lucy out who was going daft by now, stood cross legged by the door. Donning some gloves I was back out in the rain, ripping sheets of metal off the fence and posting them back through the gap, it must have looked like a scene from the Incredible Hulk So that's sorted, no more metal flapping about in the wind in the early hours.

The rain stopped when I'd finished and Debbie arrived home, sods law! Then a little bit later on we had a few flashes of lightning and distant rumbles of thunder as the rain started pouring down again like it had done for most of the day. The lighting seemed to spook Eric a little so we're going to have to keep a close eye on him on Bonfire Night.

This morning I was changing the litter as normal, putting the bag of litter on the cat tower behind me while emptying the tray and when I turned round there was a little tail sticking out of the bag! He's into everything at the moment our Eric, at least he managed to get in there without knocking the bag over and sending litter flying everywhere


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