Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Day After The Day Before Yesterday

Having got Die Another Day on DVD a few weeks ago, we've never got round to watching it and last night it was on the telly So we saved that one for later, instead we watched The Day After Tomorrow and for once, the film lived up to all the hype, the special effects truly were amazing even if the story line was a little bit over the top. Rather like Jurassic Park did years ago, it took a sliver truth and made it bigger and better, a bit like the media do with a news story Still, we thoroughly enjoyed it and it'll be one to watch again and again.

Rounding the zoo up at bed time we had a bit of a scare, going to get the biscuits out of the cupboard for the three amigos, Lucy was trying to get in at floor level and Eric was trying to get in from above and in the commotion Eric got is paw trapped in the cupboard door. Debbie made sure he was alright before serving super, he wasn't for lying still though and I'm sure he was thinking, look, it's only a knock, just get those chuffin biscuits out!


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